Sims 2

Hello ! = )
Well i don't have any new graphics since my last entry = (
but i just got photoshop (!!!) so hopefully i'll have some soon ! = D
I made a Sims 2 video though...if anyone wants to watch it !

x o x
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Well i've gone graphic crazy the last few days since i realised i've Microsoft Picture It on this computer....I know it's not that good but it's all i've got so i'll make do !! I've added some graphics under the cut !

I've got:

Phantom of the Opera
9 icons
2 signatures
7 Colourbars

Amy Lee
4 icons (made 'em ages ago on paint so don't expect anything that good !!)


Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by 

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Graphics !

Hello = )
Whoa it's been ages since my last entry ! = O

I've just made a Phantom of the Opera:

and signature

So i've put 'em in this post !

The banner and sig are the same picture because i accidentally made the sig way too big originally so i just put it up incase anyone wants it !


Free Image Hosting at

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